Born in Berlin, Malte studied classical piano with Käthe Heinemann (pupil of Eugen d‘Albert). The philosophy of this Liszt tradition has coined his way of piano playing through all phases of his career.

Though a most versatile musician, today Malte dedicates himself to his classical repertoire while developing a report of his masterfulness in different styles of the ‘touch’. Sound and technique, in a perception of the great masters, form the basis of his permanent striving for a complete interpretation.

In many concerts and tours he performed in Gemany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Taiwan, and also regularly in Colombia. During his Colombia tours he combined classical music with his own compositions based on Latin-American poetry, and gave master classes at several renown conservatories.

In his younger years, Malte developed a particular talent for improvisation. His group ‘Topspin’ achieved an excellent reputation in Berlin‘s jazz scene. In the various periods of his career he gained a broad experience in many music styles.

During his engagements at the Berlin Schiller Theater, the Berliner Kammerspiele (musical) and the Otto-Braun-Saal (Latin-American classics) he worked for directors like Anna Vaughan, Bob Edwards and Christoph Hagel. He also accompanied a number of well-established opera singers.



One thought on “MALTE DARKO

  1. Felicitaciones mi querido amigo. Tu interpretaciones caen al alma como al pasto el rocío.


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