The idea of a holistic artistic approach based on sound and interpretation brought the Duo Soniante together. Inspired by the Liszt tradition and the Franco-Belgian school of violin playing, both musicians strive for an excellent technique that can convey richness, colourfulness and brilliance of the sound. Giving each composition and every note in it a special meaning, they perceive the artistic challenge as a permanent endeavour to reach the sonic completion.

Through several years of studies and performances the „Duo Soniante“ has reached a unanimous understanding of interpreting classical and contemporary music for violin and piano. The duo has been performing since at concert venues like Teatro Municipal de Llubí (Baleares), Ca s’Artiller (Baleares), Kulturfinca Son Bauló (Baleares), Teatro Municipal de Lloseta (Baleares), Finca El Pescador (Baleares), Sankt Bernhard-Kirche (Berlin-Dahlem), Sankt Bartholomäus-Kirche (Halle/Saale), Schwartzsche Villa (Berlin) and many others.

Their repertoire includes the major works for violin and piano, as well as original compositions by Malte Darko (alias Kähler) himself.

audio & videos


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