is greatly appreciated by her audience for her capability to ‘move people to tears’. Her playing is characterized by technical precision and the modulability of her lyrical yet nevertheless powerful tone. Thanks to her studies of European literature and culture, Teresa achieves a certain completeness in her interpretations.

Born in Taiwan, Teresa studied violin under Felix Chiu-sen Chen, Shi-Chun Cheng, Hui-Chun Lin, and Laszlo Fogarassy. During her studies at Soochow University (Taipei), from which she graduated in 1999, she took master classes with Viktor Pikaizen and Lukas David.

Greatly interested in European culture and eager to complete her understanding of music, Teresa decided to study Medieval German Literature and Latin. She rededicated herself in 2010 to her soloist career.

Teresa has given concerts in Germany, Spain, Taiwan and Switzerland.



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