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November 2022

We are invited to the international congress “Mujeres Arte y Música (Women, Art, and Music). La participación de las mujeres en las artes visuales y la música” in San Juan de Pasto/Colombia, April 2023. We will give the opening recital of the congress and present our research topic “Remmert, Heinemann y Klust. Tres generaciones de grandes mujeres pianistas en Berlín 1900-1975”.

May 2022

This month finally our recordings of Welte-Mignon historical piano rolls will take place – to booster our knowledge of the great interpretations of giants like Claude Débussy, Enrique Granados, Feruccio Busoni, Käthe Heinemann and others. Jewels of music history! Thanks to the wonderful support of:

February 2022

The GVL funding project has ended successfully: our first streaming concert took place – and it worked!

November 2021
We are happy to form part of the artists catalog CACIM of the government of Mallorca again for 2022.

13th of November 2021
Malte recorded the piano sonata of Alban Berg – the only piano sonata of this great composer, first published in 1910. With its colorful and complex harmonies and flowing melodies it represents the innovation and creativity of modern classics so much adored by us.

12th of November 2021
Teresa presents her project “Remmert, Heinemann and Klust. The piano tradition of F. Liszt in Berlin 1900-1975” at the VII Foro de Investigación musical – Mesa Internacional de Musicología 2021 Conservatorio del Tolima (Colombia), organized by the reknown musicologist Humberto Galindo Palma.

16th of September 2021
Malte has been selected by GVL for funding a project to promote the online video and streaming presentation of our artistic work. We will soon be able to improve our video equipment and include online streaming formats. This way we can share with our online audience in a more direct way with better sounds and images.

15th of September 2021
Our new salon for private recitals is ready in Berlin – the season will start in early 2022! We will be excited to receive our dear audience in a private and convenient atmosphere, just inline with the great tradition of house concerts.

8th of September 2021
Malte’s article on piano interpretation is out at the new magazine “RITHMICA” of the University of Nariño/Colombia:
Find there interesting results on the changes of pianistic interpretation in the past 100 years based on studying historic Welte-Mignon recordings, and specifics on the masterfulness of Mrs. Käthe Heinemann, famous representative of the era, student of Eugen d’Albert and Martha Remmert, and Malte’s teacher. And of course, many other interesting articles by very competent international authors.Universidad de Nariño

26th of December 2020 
We are very happy to have been integrated to the New Year’s Programme of the Museo Nacional de Colombia (Bogotá), continuing our transatlantic appearance virtually. Thanks to Nancy Avilán Dávila for her appreciation! The concert features the ‘Liebesfreud’ composed by the great violinist Fritz Kreisler. The official date is the 30th of December 2020, 12:30 local time: concierto 4M at Museo Nacional de Colombia. Apart being an incomparable virtuoso who enchanted the audience with a superb musicality and singing natural sounds, Kreisler was known to be a generous philanthropist. Many anecdotes tell about his humor and good heart. May his spirit accompany us in these days of love and reflection.Museo Nacional de Colombia

10th of December 2020   Teresa has received a special scholarship from the Berliner Senate (Senatverwaltung für Kultur und Europa) to maintain and, above all, to boost the career. We are very thankful and will use the financial means, amongst other things, to improve our ‘digital’ presentations. That everything is in the digital format today is a great challenge for classic musicians!

15th of November 2020   We have successfully prolonged our projects with the CACIM of Consell de Mallorca. Hope for a good 2021.

4th of August 2020   On the 2nd of this month we were very lucky to be invited to participate in the Beethoven concert series of Kulturfinca Son Bauló (Lloret de Vistalegre, Illes Balears)/the German Consulate in Palma de Mallorca. It took a great effort for the organizers build and execute the programs. Our special thanks to Will Kaufmann for writing a beautiful report after all the stress:Konzertkritik_Kauffmann_2020-08-04

Critics to the whole series see: here (copy right: Will Kaufmann)

18th of April 2020  Lots of thanks to Nancy Avilán Dávila of the National Museum of Colombia (Bogotá) for inviting us to ‘play’ a short greeting concert virtually! Our performance is scheduled for the 25th of April at 17:00: event calendar Museo Nacional de Colombia. (For the ones who don’t like to wait, it is already online: Erschienen ist der herrlich Tag & Beethoven Romanze in F.)

4th of April 2020   Corona is still dominating everything. Today we launch a new post page to document some important events out of our artistic life. The header image is taken from an oil painting on wood by Malte’s father Gerhard Kähler. He had wanted to become a painter. Having to teach Latin and Greek instead to earn his living, he dedicated himself to collecting art. May his spirit guide us on our pilgrimage towards our musical ideals.

Curiously, the German political magazine FOCUS samples our interview with the Mallorca Magazin to their online reader: FOCUS reader.

23rd of March 2020   José Menandro Bastidas España, who is editing the papers from the VII. International Seminar on Cultural Patrimony (2019), is completely excited that the eminent Colombian writer Pablo Montoya promised to contribute an essay on Franz Liszt. Malte’s paper will be about the piano technique of the beginning of the 20th century. We are looking forward very much to the publication.

31st of January 2020   Humberto Galindo of the Conservatory of Tolima (Ibagué, Colombia) told us the documentary videos of the VII. International Seminar on Cultural Patrimony (2019) are online. Malte featured one of the interviewed guests:

15th of October 2019   We are accepted into the Artists Catalogue of the Consell de Mallorca! Hope the new internet presentation will be soon ready: list of event providers.

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